My name is Ilia Merkuriev. I develop video games and create short films.

I develop my first games in 2007-2008 while still in school.

In 2017, I re-released them for the web, and now you can play them on this website.

I spent many years working as a motion designer, working with both 2D and 3D videos. I also collaborated on well-known casual gaming projects, and you can see examples of my work in my portfolio.

Currently, I work in the gaming industry, and in my free time, I am working on my own indie game.

CG Artist / Game developer / Filmmaker

The indie video-game on Unreal engine 5. I'm developing is a solo project.

The game is in early development and it is not known when it will be completed or if it will be completed.

Description: In a world where mankind has learned to create backup copies of human memory and consciousness, the main character of the game realizes that he is dying in a hospital, and attempts are made to copy his consciousness from the brain.

Having become a hostage to his dying brain, the hero tries to uncover the reasons for his own death and preserve his identity, striving either to be reborn in a new body or to learn to live as a digital copy of himself.

Genre: Side-scrolling platformer / Action adventure / Interactive movie


10 year anniversary edition

Genre: Top-down arcade car game.

Release Date: 2007.

Re-release: 2017.

The goal of the game is to run over as many people as possible within the given time limit. Your score multiplier increases with each person killed, and the higher your multiplier, the more points you earn for each person you crush.

Please note that the game contains scenes of violence, gallons of blood, and is not recommended for minors, pregnant women, individuals seeking a political career, or people with mental disorders.

Play (PC only)

Void universe

Genre: Space labyrinth arcade.

Release Date: 2017.

You control a sphere of unknown origin navigating a cosmic maze. Your task is to navigate and complete the labyrinth.


The game was originally developed in 2008 for a casual game publisher as a standalone application but was never completed for certain reasons. Bringing it to a full release in 2017 is no longer relevant, so we are publishing it "as is."


Play (PC only)

Dolce vita in una cella solitaria

My first short film.

This film is a attempt to capture emotional pain on screen without confining itself to a specific plot and without overloading the film with unnecessary details.

It's a phantasmagoria about loneliness, love, emptiness, fear of the future, and the dread of living...

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